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The world is a village ...

- and I know a few dialects (= mentalities !)

Short profile (more is available via the link to the main pages given below - or directly by me via phone or mail )

Areas of activity - Marketing articles - 'Imprint' see 'Homepage' !

* Conception/realization of omarketing and selling tasks and their optimum organisation
* Strategic consultancy/support of leading people of the sales department
* Seminars for staff and leading personnel regarding international 'marketing and sales'-tasks
  (national and especially international business)
* practical solutions/support for sales problems in international trade - from market research to implementation,
  including training and coaching


* Evening studies 'Business administration' (VWA, Düsseldorf) - Different seminars (please see the CV )
* Guest-Lecturer at the Business schools in Baden-Württemberg, ICCs Ulm, Ravensburg and other institutes
  plus the 'Marketing and Trade' section of the University  of St. Gallen/Switzerland
* Manual: 'Project management' und Diploma 'Strategic planning in Small and Medium-sized companies'
* Care of and control of various Diplomas in the a. m. Business schools

Business experience

* practical training as an industrial merchant - leading positions in various industries (small medium and
  large companies) - from 1991 independant sales consultant and guest-lecturer
* Experience in practical marketing and sales in all 5 continents

Consultancy performance

* Analysis of problems together with the client, definition of and ways to markets to be reached (clientele
  and potentials) using strategic methods and    discussion/development of suitable concepts
* Definition of reachable goals and practical support (world-markets)
* Increase in turnover/profit - even on short notice - acc. to suitable programmes for the specific company

more details are available here


1. Wahl für internationales Marketing und Vertrieb

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2. SME Marketing
3. Marketingtest
4. INTERNET-success
5. Marketing articles
6. Control loop
    for marketing tasks